Icarian Flight Club!

    When we first met the unfortunate Tarhiel - we looked all around for the monster that slew him.  Not seeing any danger, "and like the monsters we are", we loot the body and find the foolish scrolls of icarian flight!  What a cool way to go eh?  Of course you could put on a constant effect amulet of slowfall and survive the journey - why was the genius Tarhiel so stupid that he didn't think of that?  But there is a much finer option!

    The other trouble is that there are only three scrolls of this wonderful spell!  We felt that scroll copying should be possible - but to save the trouble - we decided that Tarhiel's earlier and more dangerous project - The Robe of Icarian Flight should be added to the game.

    The Robe of Icarian flight will let you jump anywhere on the island in seconds.  If used properly, you can land exactly where you want to and without dying.  Incorrect use could result in death or game crash.


Icarian Flight Plug-in

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Icarian Usage

Don't take a running START!  Just jump - then use your direction key as if walking.  Keep your eye on the map because you will be going VERY fast.  When you want to stop - just stop moving forward, use your local map to direct yourself over the desired target and land!

    Icarian Landings

When you are over your desired target - cast mark.  Then recall and you will land instantly where you want!  It is that easy.

Robe Location

The patch changes Tarhiel's Journal to reveal that the robe exists. He hints in his Journal that it was stolen while he was in Balmora. The bad people  in Balmora took it.



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