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Peregrine Falcon
falco peregrinus
The peregrine falcon is one of the largest falcons. It is a very fast flyer and can dive bomb its prey at speeds over 120 mph!! Peregrine falcons live on all 6 of the major continents and are making a great comeback in the cities of humans (where they hunt the thousands of pigeons). Though the peregrine falcon occasionally takes rabbits and other small mammals, but its main food source is other birds.

Giraffa camelopardalis
Giraffes are found in Africa. They eat leaves, twigs, and branches of trees and shrubs, but they will also eat vines, flowers, seed pods, and even fruits. Their long necks let them eat foods that other animals can't get! They can run from their enemies (lions and leopards) at 35 mph! However 35 mph is no match for the speed of a bullet :(

Panthera leo

Stalking the forests and grasslands of Africa, the lion is one of the best known of the big cats. Lions live in groups called "prides". The prides are really a group of female lions that stay together for most or all of their lives. The male lions move around a lot. His main job is to protect the pride land (and pride kills)from hyena's and other male lions.

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