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beautiful ornament of Indian temples Peafowl
Pav cristatus

Peafowl live in Indian and southern Asian forests, farms and temples. They eat roots, seeds and insects. The female (peahen) is small and camouflaged but the male (peacock) is famous for his beautiful feathers. Peacocks have been a beautiful addition to human lives for over 4000 years!

the real king of the forest Gorilla
Gorilla gorilla gorilla

Every creature asks only this: a place to throw a shadow on the earth, to root, to sip rain. This is not much, but everything. And now, we are the ones who say no or yes.


the old man of the forest Orangutan
Pongo pygmaeus

But then he began climbing. His magnificent red hair glistened and he brachiated in perfect orangutan style, using every vine to travel.


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Special thanks to Woodland Park Zoo for some of these animal portraits!